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Welcome to Rechner Sensors Australia


Capacitive Sensors

Rechner is the world leader in capacitance sensing technology. With over 40 years of experience and over 3000 sensors in the range, Rechner has a capacitive sensor for every application.
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Long Range Capacitive Sensors

Advanced sensors designed for use in applications demanding extremely long sensing distances from a small sensor.
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Capacitive Level Measurement

Utilising the three electrode principle, Rechner’s capacitive level measurement products are designed to provide accurate measurements of difficult materials such as hot glue.
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Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors for the detection of metals and other electrically conductive materials such as carbon.
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Magneto Resistive Sensors

High frequency sensors deisnged for rotary speed sensing applications. Some models are capable of sensing direction in addition to frequency.
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Flow Sensors

Rechner’s flow sensors are based on the caliometric principle, this allows for accurate flow detection of even slow moving materials.


Hazardous Area Sensors

Rechner has multiple capacitive, inductive and level measurement products with IECEx certification for hazardous area use within Australia.